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Solar Hot Water Heater Heat Pipe Collectors


AWE Solar Energy Technologies LogoAWE Solar Energy Technologies Inc  is focusing  on developing  new  techniques and applications that are able to transfer solar energy efficiently  to  Air,  Water and  Electricity  (AWE)  from  free  source,  our  sun.   We also are designing and engineering solar hot water system for homeowner and commercial, such as hotel, Laundromat, restaurants, school building, factories and apartment building applications. Meanwhile, we have  compiled an extensive selection of our favorite solar products and accessories from manufacturers across the world. We sell only the best products of the highest quality. You can count on us to provide you with high quality products, great deals, and excellent customer service. Why would you want to shop for discount Solar Panels anywhere else than right here at AWEsolar.com? We  truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you today and in the future!


We developed an AWE DIY project TM for homeowner, this will drastically reduce initial cost of SHW system, this system is designed for cold weather area, and easily update to large volume water application, such as radiant floor heating. Most of parts can be purchased from local hardware store. Also, we provide high quality solar collectors and differential temperature controller at very competitive price; you can build your own solar hot water system with professional level under $2500 (two evacuated tube collectors, 1 differential Temperature controller, 1 heat exchanger, 2 circulate pumps, fittings and pipes).


AWE is developing and marketing solar techniques in five fields

  1. Solar Hot Water Panels manufacture and distributor

  2. Commercial Application of Solar Hot Water

  3. Solar Air Conditioning

  4. Automatic Tracking Concentrated Photovoltaic Power Station

  5. Solar Light



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